Guys: What kind of girl do you like?

I personally like the skater, Rocker chick, emo girls myself. But, i also love a sweet personality and a girly girl at times :) Do you think its weird to love a sweet personality but badass at the same time


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  • This is wht i like in a girl..
    1. dressed as per the occasion
    2. Should have dressed hair
    3. Should be smart and witty
    4. Could have some intrest in me (ofcourse)
    5. She should smile... cz its precious

    Buddy slow down.. i am a lazy typer so i will tell you... i like girls who care about others, herself and especially me.. ;)

    • i like that too. I like personality, thats why i like sweet but badass

    • Simple you... got caught the point... uhh i hate typing.. everything should be voice activated these day.. lol

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