What kinda clothes do bad boys like on a girl?

ok, what kinda clothes do bad boys like on a girl? skinny jeans? and what kinda makeup do they like on a girl? dark? natural? do they like a curvy girl(not fat) or a girl with no curves that is shaped like a stick? !HELP!


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  • Women are progamed from little that if a boy pulls your hair he likes you or are meen to you, so called bad boys only use girls to benefit themselfs,there are quite decent guys uot there who would respect and treat ypu right no matter how you look, don't become a sl^t to get a boys attention


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  • Comfortable pants (not denim, not skinny), but not so loose that your hips and ass disappear in them.

    A shirt that shown off some cleavage, but leaves enough to the imagination, and that doesn't cling to the torso.

    No makeup, or the very minimum you are willing to use.

    Curvy, curves are always a good thing.

  • tight jeans, a tank top/halter top.. or as for me.. I like to see 'em buck naked

  • Anything as long as its with a tank top. Usually the bad girls wear a lot of make up but it really doesn't matter to me.


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