How can I make myself look more attractive to girls?

I don't always feel attractive so what should I do.


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  • First of all: take care of yourself. Get a nice cologne, lose weight if you're overweight, etc.

    Get rid of your mono-brow, take care of your teeth (these should be somewhere in the colour palette-region of WHITE (so: no overly-yellow, brown or, god forbid, BLACK teeth O_o), and these should be somewhat taken care of (not that they all point at opposite directions... If they do, get braces), etcetera. Guys who take care of even these minute details WILL appear more attractive.

    Let's see... Of course, then we have the hair (including facial, if you want). The hair is basically the frame in which you hang the picture of your face. So USE your hair and make it FIT your face-shape (look it up).

    Here's a crash course on fashion (I'm so generous. ;p):

    1) Ask yourself the question: "What are the qualities that I'd like to radiate, that other people would have to get from a first impression?"

    Why? Because our minds work on an unconscious level when it comes to first impressions: when we see certain people who are dressed a certain way, we immediately judge them, we put a label onto them.

    Stereotypes are formed inside our head and are connected to how people look. This, in turn, affects how we look at them, and how we judge them. Symbolism of your clothes is VERY important... You'd want to attract the RIGHT kind of girl for you, don't you?

    2) Look at other guys or girls and identify what their clothing says about them ("He feels like a [quality] kind of person, I think of her that way because of [article of clothing]" Observe the unconscious judging based on the symbols of their clothing within your head, described in point one. Write them down.

    For example: leather jacket and wallet chain conveys a rebellious, high-self-esteem nature

    A hooded sweatshirt signifies a sporty type of person.

    Cargo pants signifies a functionality-focused, down-to-earth type of person.

    You get what I mean, right?

    3) Combine what you've learnt about the symbolism of clothing in part two, with the qualities that you'd like to exhibit from point one, and combine them to create your own unique style. Now, because girls generally have a much better sense of style than guys, you can also list down the clothing of girls that you are attracted to and you have a lot in common with, and turn them into more masculine versions so you effectively gender-mirror your best-suited style of clothing (use this... it's been a miracle-tip for me).

    And of course: then we have the bodylanguage.

    So be CONFIDENT. Stand straight, be relaxed, have an "open posture" (so no crossed arms!), take up more space than you normally would, SMILE!

    Hope that was informative. Do keep us updated (why not post a before/after picture? ;p)

    Good luck, and have a great day! ^^


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  • Accentuate the good parts and camouflage about the bad parts.

  • If you show a picture then I will be able to tell you.

  • some girls like different things in a guy.some gilrs like them clean,shaven,and smelling good.some like musky,unshavening,and almost clean,but 9 out of 10 of girls like guys to be convendit.

    • What would you like a guy to look like though.

    • I like them not to have just one eyebrow that's nasty huge pimples.

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  • Working out and maybe getting a style that is more flashy than you usually wear. just try to be original.