Girls: Any ideas? suggestions needed?

Ok, so last Christmas my grandparents got my this jewelry box (I think thats what its for cause it has tiny hooks and a mirror) for Christmas. Only thing is I don't own or wear jewelry, don't have my ears pierces (no piercings at all), and don't own a ton of beauty products/makeup/perfume in general. They came to visit, were snooping in my room, and saw that I wasn't using it. My dad is annoyed because it was expensive but I have no use for it. Do you guys have any ideas of how I can use it or what I can put in it?

P. S
Its tallish and seems like you hang it on the wall.


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  • Have you got a picture of it?

    • nope. sorry.

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    • *what you

    • Keys may be good. You actually gave me a good idea... I have all these random techy stuf (GoPro, my drone, hockey skate compenents) which I loose easily. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • And if you put nail polish inside it? Or you can use it as a piggy, maybe?

    • Nah, i don't use nailpolish. Whats a piggy?

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    • Yes, yes. Or maybe you can put pencils and that stuff, I don't know

    • good idea! Ill do that too.

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