Is it possible that my hair can grow this long again? Any tips?

I'm African American and I would always have my hair relaxed ever since I was 4-5 ish. When I was 10 my hair went all the way down to my butt, now at 15 it's at my collar bone because I got it cut at 12, over processed at 14 so I had to shave and cut my hair which went all the way up to my ear. Now I'm 15 and it seems like my hair isn't growing as fast as before. When I was younger I wasn't aloud to wash my own hair, I was forced to keep it up in ponytails or beads and I was never aloud to go swimming without a cap. I don't know if that's what made my hair grow long or not but I did reaserch about putting hair in a ponytail and it says that your hair can break off from that, is it true? Does puberty affect your hair growth? and any tips for growing relaxed hair? I already tried vitamins and coconut oil but it doesn't work


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  • Yes, it's possible. Just don't cut it and make sure you take care of it well. On average, hair probably grows around 1/2 inch a month, but that is obviously somewhat individual, since some people's hair grows faster than other people's. Your hair keeps growing your entire life, it's just that it'll break off if you don't take care of it well enough. Moroccan oil does wonders for my hair. I'm not sure if it'll help speed up the process (I doubt anything will) but it does help with keeping my hair healthy and nice looking. If your hair only reaches your collar bones now, it'll take a few years before it reaches your butt again. Especially considering that you're probably a lot taller now compared to when you were 10.

    • However, getting a trim every now and then is good, because it prevents your hair from breaking. When you get split ends, the ends will basically only split farther up. The farther up they split, the more you'll have to cut off. So if you trim them before they split too far up, you won't have to cut off as much hair.

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  • It just takes a long time, and stop relaxing your hair or it will never grow. Use coconut oil, baking soda, and apple cider vinegar to wash your hair 1-2 times a week (shampooing is really bad for your hair). My hair used to be really curly but now I have soft sleek waves since I stopped shampooing so often and did deep conditioning.

  • Putting it in a hair tie which has a metal bit on will cause the hair to break a bit, just get one that doesn't have the metal bit. Have you tried biotin? Read up on it first before you do. It's supposed to promote hair and nail growth. I have no idea how to deal with your type of hair I'm sorry, but over brushing will damage it. Rosemary, fresh, in your shampoo is also supposed to promote hair growth. Hormones and puberty will definitely affect your hair growth. I shaved all my hair off when I was 15 and it took a very very long time for it to grow back, no it grown pretty fast so puberty may be having an effect.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help. Try reading this, sounds like it may be useful to you


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