Do guys like Curlyheaded Mixed girls like this ( Pictures)?

Im Mexican and Black and I always wondered if guys like mixedgirls. Ik its not everyone's taste and some guys say its exotic. And some guys really like the ones with the big curly hair (which i dont have). But I just wanted to know nothing further. There's a lot of mixed people at my school boys and girls. And there's so many mixes but mostly either Puerto Rican or black or Dominican and black. So yea that's my question. And also how do you guys feel about black women lying about being mixed race?


I realize my thread made some people buttheart for some reason this post isn't offensive at all.

But not all black girls lie about being multiracial BUT THERE ARE OUT THERE!!!


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  • It really depends on the girl and her personality. I don't care about race that much.


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  • It always depends on the girl and not just one thing about her.

  • Evangelina/PeaceLoveCouture... is that you? :)


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  • I think they do...

  • You are being very rude to be honest. Not all black girls are the same. I dislike when people put others down to make themselves feel better. FYI, no one cares that your mixed and have curly hair. A lot of people have curly hair, I have curly hair and I'm not biracial.

    • You seem upset? And it as a questions for the guys and you seem like those types that hate mixed girls because your not one tbh. . . and FYI there are some black girls that do lie about there nationalties so. . .✋😹

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    • No I really don't. Ik a lot of girls like that and there a handful of them out there so. . .

    • And this post wasn't offensive or rude yourbjust buttheart and insecure

  • Huh, I wonder if my children will look like you.

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