Does anyone knows about hairstyles? Can someone give me some types of hairstyles I can make when going school, can someone help? Plzzzz?

please someone help me, I want to look different , I want to impress someone


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  • Casual curls, a bit of leave-in conditioner in damp hair and twizzle with fingers. Allow to dry most of the way then run your fingers through and shake it out. Nice and easy to do and doesn't hurt condition by caning it with heat.


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  • One time I had my sister do my hair a certain way and everyone went crazy.
    I had a bump and two ponytails one on top of the other.
    Not everyone can pull it off though and depends on your style also. Looking at your pic, you'd need extensions. The hair style looks better than it sounds because when I told my sister to do it, she was saying how ugly it'd look and she was super surprised and excited when it turned out looking amazing.

    Another thing I had my sister do was tiny twists on the see of my head like a fifth if that. So like... How people have that tiny portion, yours would just be twisted. I can't find an exact picture, but this another

    Also doing your hair in a bunch of ponytail stacked so it looks like a Mohawk, but making it cute..
    If you don't like ay of these you can go to Google or YouTube and search for ones that are more you


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