Make up advice pleaaase?

Okay so, the only make up i wear is eyeliner (not liquid cause i have a mono eyelid lol) and mascara sometimes and lipgloss.
i have sort of freckles ( little dark dots) on the part between my nose and my cheekbones they're not many tbh , but i'm thinking to start wearing bb cream.. i don't know if i should , or that would just mess up with my skin.. any advice? :)


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  • If you feel that you have blemishes that you want to conceal, just use concealer and blend. But, if you want an overall smooth look, then personally, I would use a powder. BB cream is good foundation, and if you take care of your skin regularly, then you won't have any problems. Hope this helped:)

    • i actually a concealer for under my eyes but it hasn't arrived yet. so this concealer can be used for this spot as well?

    • Probably

    • okey thanks , this definitely helped thanks :)

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  • You have nice skin color i really think you look good with no make-up
    now you could try it your best to talk with females who have the same
    skin color and tone as you they may be able to help you.:P

  • dint get any of datt!! lol


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