What clothes and bling are safe to wear when meeting a girl you have just met?

don't be afraid to include details


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  • well this is simple. the first thing a girl notices on a guy are his hands and his shoes and of course the way you smell. nice clean shoes are always great and clean hands! as far as smelling good a nice hot shower should be good. I perfer a guy to smell clean rather him dowse hisself in cologne. and make sure you have fresh breath!lol...and umm keep the bling to a minimum unless its a watch or diamond studs...bling necklaces are so 90's..i promise..im a fashion major!


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  • Well it's hard to say. You're from another country so it is hard for me to judge on what a girl there would like. But for me I like a guy in a simple pair of jeans that fit him right, don't wear tight emo jeans or loose gangster jeans, and a tshirt(again not too tight and not too loose). Don't wear any "bling" except maybe a watch, jewelry was just not meant for guys. Like the other girl said smell good but don't drench yourself in cologne.


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  • Bling, eh?

    I thought that fad was over.

    How about an understated look instead.

    A nice watch, be it titanium or gold, or whatever.

    Definitely don't wear that hat. In fact, don't wear any hat.

    Wear pants that don't hang off your butt.

    And finish with a button-up shirt, either plaid pattern or solid.