What's a good no smudge eyeliner?

My eyeliner always smudges halfway through the day and I end up looking like a raccoon. I've tried everything, from liquid to pencil to gel. None of them have stayed, even the waterproofs one. People always recommend the Urban Decay or Stila Smudge Sticks, but I've tried them and no luck. I've also used the Rimmel Scandaleyes, L'oreal gel liner, Maybelline Liquid Liner and none of them worked on me.
Also, I've tried using a primer beforehand and adding some black eyeshadow on top to set it but it doesn't really work either.

It's honestly getting quite frustrating having to fix my eyeliner every couple of hours. So are there any good eyeliners that will stay in place the whole day? Thanks


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  • Where do you apply the liner (obviously on your eyes)? But do you line your water line? Do you do a wing? Or like a puppy dog line? I used do that puppy dog line and it would smudge like crazy (I looked like shit) but now I just do a classic simple line & I've used Urban Decay to Maybeline. Rn I use Sephora's brand eyeliner.


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  • Kohl liners would better for me


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