Tips on how to dress for a "dressy-casual" company Christmas party?

What would be ok to wear for dressy casual? What is the borderline of it being too dressy? This would be my first company holiday party for my boyfriends work and I honestly haven't the slightest clue what to wear for it not to look too dressy. Please help and no rude comments


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  • You over thinking it. That's coming from myself, that's worked in retail clothing for 7 years. We all know what sexy is, to classy. What's your first thought to wear? I'm betting you have some idea. Usually the first thought is the right one :)

    • I've worked in retail for 7-8 years as well. I'm just horrible when it comes to actually having to dress for something other than a concert/show lol. I do overthink a bit. I just don't want to over dress any and look silly. Mainly what I'm asking is what is dressy casual?

    • lmao... "I do overthink a bit" Your still doing it... Just put something on. A Santa Hat is one thing to start it off. Then match with that. Anything red of course goes well with the Christmas theme. Get your boyfriend to help too :) Have fun with it :) Some of those ugly Christmas sweaters can be a good idea.

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  • I would go for a sweater dress with jeans or leggings and boots. Just dress presentable, a little nicer than your everyday wear. :)

  • a nice pair of slacks, a pretty top and a blazer or some kind of dressy jacket. a pretty pair of heels