Why doesn't he make eye contact and and pretend like I'm not there?!?

I really like this guy. I've liked him for quite and while now and he knows it. Every time my friend sees him he asks about me and tells her that he's lonely. We talk online once in a while and the conversations go well, he's even asked me for drinks and what not but we've never actually done so. I saw him a couple of weeks ago at a friends party and he pretended like I wasn't even there and didn't make eye contact with me when we were having group conversations. I would randomly catch him glancing at me and smiling when I was looking the other way but he would immediately turn around when I would catch him... Is he interested ... Does he not like me.. Is he playing games? I'm very very confused and wish I could so something but I get completely tongue tied around him? HELP!


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  • He might not like you, but chances are he does. It sounds to me like he likes you too but he's kind of shy and might be a little afraid of talking to you in person.

    Hell I'm shy but I'm pretty sociable and have never been afraid to talk to girls, except when I really like them, which is when I get all shy and don't talk to them someimes, since I'm afraid of saying something really dumb. Maybe he is similar to me in that aspect.

    I would say you should try to win him over so that he likes you as much as you like him. Try flirting with him more and always be happy and smiling and lookin sexy when you see him. Spend time with him alone if you can. I tend to be more comforable when I'm with a girl and no one else around to judge. Plus that way he can't really ignore you.

    Don't worry if you get tongue tied around him. It just happens and he will probably realize that it happens because you like him.

    If this guy is anything like me, he likes you but he's just being shy and cautious. In fact if he does like you, he definitely knows your there he's just trying to be smooth and not show it by not making eye contact and all. Anyway, I hope this helps and makes sense...good luck!


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