What are good sites to purchase vintage clothes online?

I love vintage clothes almost like second hand style kinda stuff that looks worn but in a good way, usually use eBay and asos marketplace but got bored...
Anyone else love quirky clothes buys online that could share sites?


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  • Id say that honestly eBay and Etsy will be your best bets. Modcloth is good for vintage reproductions and NastyGal sells vintage pieces but they are over priced at times.
    Depending if you are looking for vintage pieces or if you are looking for vintage reproduction is a difference.
    It also depends on the era you are asking about, I'm only familiar with 40's-50's stuff since its what I like to wear :)

    But really, and I mean really, locally buying is the best... and buying at garage sales :)


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  • I love vintage clothing on both men and women. You must check out rubylane. com

    • Thank you for the MH young lady :) I appreciate wholly your kind, generous and thoughtful gesture.

      While I apologize for a delayed revert as I have missed out on being notified by GAG on a certain lot of MHs resulting in my delayed reverts after I painstakingly open up all the MHs I've received and then realize I haven't thanked the asker lol

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