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I am a senior in high school. At the beginning of the year my friend hooked me up with this girl I really liked. They just told her I liked her, and then she kind of came after me. So we were "talking" for about a month and a half. I was waiting to ask her out, because I asked her what she thought one time and she said not yet. We hung out and stuff on weekends, and texted all the time. She was even my first kiss :). One day after we hung out the night before, she said that she didn't want to be in ANY relationship anytime soon and she wanted to give me my space. I was cool about it as much as it hurt. About a week after that happened I get reports that she went to the movies with some other guy. That's when I started getting mad. Nothing happened with that guy though. A little after that, I look on Twitter and see that she is "talking" to her ex boyfriend again. She told me he was weird, clingy, and annoying. I already knew that cause I played baseball with him. Now I'm just mad because she took him back when I am 100% better than him. I play football, baseball, and my dad is the sheriff of our county. I just don't get it. She is all I think about still, and I just don't know what to do. Anything will help.


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  • Forget about her. Popular girls like her and used to being asked out all the time by everybody and don't appreciate guys who like them. Find somebody who is more loyal - even if she is less attractive than this girl.

    • My problem is that I know I'm better than this guy and she told me it was the worst mistake she made in her life dating him in the first place. It just drives me insane.

    • girls don't always go for the better guy, sometimes they go for the guy that is familiar to them - that acts like their dad or somebody they grew up with such as their mother etc...

    • Alright. Thanks. This helps. But I'm still not happy about it.

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  • talk her into going to the school dances and the prom

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