What to wear for Christmas party?

I'm going to a Christmas party ( my crush iz gonna be there!!). It's semiformal. Should I wear this long gold sequined shirt+leggings OR red blouse with black skirt. They're both sleeveless. Recommendations? Answers? Comments?
  • Red blouse+skirt
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  • Gold shirt+leggings
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  • Gold shirt+skirt
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  • Red shirt+leggings
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  • OTHER!!!
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Thanks for all the comments! (I chose Choice A BTW)


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think if u r mid of 5-6 ft... then u should definitely go with Red blouse and black (must be short) skirt.

    • yeah i'm 60 1/2 inches. it's mid thigh, but I have to wear black tights and it's not the partially see through. my parents are way over protective.

    • QA is 13... lets keep the skirt modest yo

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