Do I need to change my wardrobe to be more attractive?

I've had people tell me that I need to change the way I dress if I want to be more attractive to girls my age (I'm 23). Most of these people have been family members and/or older adults (40+ years old).

Currently I wear semi-skinny jeans and band tees. The jeans aren't even close to skin-tight, and the tees don't have offensive, demonic, "Emo" or "Goth" graphics, etc. They're all just normal, everyday graphics.

Here are two pics I just took (remove the space between bit. and ly/):
bit. ly/1AsvMGo and bit. ly/16uMCeO

Do I need a change of wardrobe to be more attractive to girls my age? I like my style, but if it's making me look immature, "Emo," etc then I may need to change it. :(
I'd love more opinions if anyone else cares to share theirs! :)


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  • No need to replace your wardrobe with tweed jackets just yet. You may want to replace the band tees with regular/plain shirts though. Maybe aim for a style more like this:

    I have some guy friends in their early 20s and they dress like the above---still casual and moderately youthful but not as teen-ish.

    • Thanks for the reply!

      So you think it's mostly the t-shirts that are the problem? As much as I like them, I could switch to something more plain or a bit more "Preppy." I've got a couple of friends who wear skinnies and rock collared, "Preppy" shirts. I just don't know if I could pull that look off though, lol.

      I hope it's not my jeans that are the issue. Because I'm skinny, normal jeans (even Slim Fit) are baggy on me. These skinnies aren't really even that skinny; you can pull them about 1.5 - 2" away from my legs with relative ease. I would never wear them really skinny; these I think are a happy medium.

      What say you? :)

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    • Also, here are some new shirts that I (very) recently bought, to give you more of an example of what shirts I wear.

      static. merchnow. com/images/82036/470x470. jpg
      static. merchnow. com/images/78450/470x470. jpg
      kingsroadmerch. s3. amazonaws. com/images/us/1/8/0/18008_400x400. jpg

    • I actually think many guys can pull off skinny jeans. As long as they don't fit like girl skinny jeans do (a tight fit that hugs the body) many guys look fine in them. As with anything it's just a matter of pulling it off, knowing what fit suits you best, etc.

      Yeah, the shirts you wear are fine. I think the shirts do have sort of a teen-ish vibe to them, but in an alternative rock way (which isn't a negative thing to me since I'm into that xD). All in all, you have nothing to worry about.

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  • Yea your style is pretty lame. There are girls that like it but you isolate yourself with your style. Im not saying you should go buy nice clothes from like Armani but you def need to buy some better clothes. Buy some name brand clothes like Guess or do something that American mostly like go buy American eagle or aeropostle clothes because a lot of American girls like that crap.


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  • Ah I usually just let my wife dress me but from what I can tell I don't see any problem with your wardrobe.

  • Should change different from the current style you are following. And need more money to buy more expensive accessories.

  • Don't change ur look! Band tees r the best. ROCK ON


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