I'm not the best looking (not the worst) but can I still get the girls?

Can I still get the girls if I'm not the cutest/hottest guy in the room but am confident enough?


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  • Of course...even if at first girls seem to pick the hotter guys, most come to their senses and realise it's not about looks. If you're nice, kind, sweet, gentle with her, be there for her, really get to know her and as hmm_ok said, confident without being cocky, you have as good a chance as anyone else.

    • Well, I got to get her number first

    • What are you waiting for!

    • I mean the whole looks thing with meeting a girl first since initial attraction is a very important part and why jerks get the girls.

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  • Confidence is a plus- as long as you don't pass line onto cocky.

    But most of all its your personality, in the end that's what we all fall in love with. If she like YOU

    she'll start to like you, she'll start to notice that you have a cute smile, nice laugh.ect.

    Cheesy as it may be your inner beauty brings out your outer beauty

    • Listen to her, its true

    • I don't know if I believe it, has it worked before?

    • Yes! I once fell head over heels for this guy to lets just say wasn't the best good looking guy. But you know what? his personality made up for all of that. the way he made me giggle at everything, smile it was-something I never thought would happen. its not always looks that win the girl.

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