Im too embarrassed to ask my mum?

I want to wear speedos as underwear from now on. I love speedos and I crave to have them on my body. My mum threw them away because she thinks I look silly in them. I want to be able to buy them. But I'm only 14 so my mum won't let me go to shops alone which stops me from buying them. And I can't lie to her and say I'm going with friends when I'm not. And I'm too scared to buy them in public also because I'm scared of getting judged. Internet purchase is what I want to avoid most. The local pool are currently being renovated and they had a mini shop where you could buy speedos. They open in early 2015 and my mum is going to start dropping me off there after school to exercise, my plan is to buy them when it opens but I can't wait that long. I need them now but I'm too embarrassed. What should I do?


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  • If your mother tells you look stupid/ strange, don't wear them. But, I'm sure that's not the advice you are looking for.

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