Girls, guys, do you have your fixed clothing styles or do you like to try out things?

When you're at work or another venue where you meet the same people over and over, you see two types of people...

Type one: you see a hair bread, blouse, skirt, tights and boots... it's Sophy (the name is fiction...)!

Type 2: each time you see Martha or John, they're wearing something different. The whole assortment of costumes, ties, jackets, sjawls, dresses, pants, tights, leggings, boots or ear rings will show up over the weeks.

So, girls & guys, do you have "your style" or like to experiment with new outfits and combinations?

  • I'm a lady and have a fixed style
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  • I'm a lady and like to trie out styles and combinations
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  • I'm a guy and have a fixed style
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  • I'm a guy and like to trie out styles and combinations
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm not much for keeping up with style. I wear what I like & what is comfortable.

    • Haha, you match my style there :-)
      I like the shorts and the training suits, than the jeans, than the costumes... but for work a tie is more or less mandatory.
      First action when I come home: training suit on!

    • I like this "no nonsense" answer a lot, simple and 100% to the point :-)
      Thanks and the most helpful goed to... Canada!

    • Thanks for M H.

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What Girls Said 5

  • well my style is known, because girls always seem to find words to summarise it, but I'm also known to mix things up every so often. i hate following what's in magazines to the T. i like to do my own thing, merely using fashion guides as inspo. like right now i'm loving white, denim, tan, grey and coral. that will probably change in the next week or so, but the style 'pattern' will remain consistent.

    • Hahaha, may I introduce the term "stylish rebel"? It was just the first thing that came up in me when I read your opinion :-)
      My photographic imagination says it can only look cute!

    • ehhh not really a rebel lol, just.. independent.
      well thanks

    • Nice that you have your own styles there :-)
      Who knows, perhaps one day you could consider writing the magazine?

  • I don't have a style, I wear anything that is aesthetically appealing, conservative, comfortable, cheap, and both beautiful and modest at the same time. The only flashy clothes I have are necklaces. I love necklaces!! but I have a lot of skin allergies so I don't wear them too often.

    • Thanks! Yeah, skin allergies are fairly common... it's ashame if they prevent you from wearing your favourite necklace :-)
      Take care!

  • Vote B, I like to try out different styles but it has to be something comfortable.
    I had tried sexy one, girly type, casual etc
    same for hair style, i did bit of changes

    • Haha yeah, since you frequently change your profile pic we've seen many pretty hairstyles :-)
      One that was very cute was the pic on the suspension bridge, I think a long pony tail and a white flower!
      So for the people around you, Kangy's new look is always a surprise :-)

    • Thank u :D

  • I have different styles, it's basically whatever I'm feeling that particular day. I don't do every trend because a lot are just terrible. I usually end up doing some trends before they're considered cool though lol.

    • Aha! You're a style inventor :-)
      Continue the good work haha!

  • Fixed clothing style. There are so many styles that I would never try.


What Guys Said 1

  • I tend to wear the same shit all the time, but my dad will give me things he buys on clearance and I will add them into my clothes and then wear THAT shit all the time.

    I don't shop, because personal appearance doesn't really take up a lot of my mind.

    I still think I look good.