How long is shoe size?

how do I convert women's SHOE size to actual FOOT length?

for example.. if woman's US shoe size is 7, then how long is the woman's foot?


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  • i'm a size 7 and my foot is just under 9" long.

  • go to an online shoe store, like sketchers and find the sizing chart. women need to find out what size shoe they are (if for some reason they don't already know) and the chart will convert inches to sizes. a 7 is pretty small, I'm a 7 and people say I have pixie feet because my shoe size is so small compared to my height.

    • Oh I see

      can you measure for me your foot length (bare feet) from the back of the heel to the big toe?

      i just want an idea. thanks

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    • Pixie feet? lol are you serious?

      its almost as big as my feet!

    • If she's a size 7 and her feet are 9" then so are mine! maybe she measured wrong.

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