Twilight and Guys

every time a guy sees me with this book he freaks out and starts calling the guy Edward gay...

whats all the fuss guys?

How many of you have actually read the book?

(bc the movie is a little different than the book and comes off a little cheesy)


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  • I'd say that it's likely because the story was written by some woman with a massive wet spot in the panties for vampires, and the character is written after a sexual dream Meyer had about a vampire that was fucking her or something similar. This has been public knowledge. Though variations on the story has changed a little. The dream part is confirmed, but the rest is at least rumor. Regardless the fact that the rumor is out there kinda hurts both Edward and Stephanie Meyer a fair but and makes it harder for a lot of guys to like. It's typically seen as trashy chick flick/romance novel type stuff.

    My complaints with the character is not based on this though. Mine is based on how I see him as a generally weak character. I also don't think of him as having too much of a character anyway. I find him dull, and two dimensional, and think of his chemistry with Bella as being non-existent. I find the vampires too boring and inhuman, I find them too indestructible, and finally (and I'm sure many people are with me on this one) WHAT IS THE F√úCKING DEAL WITH THE SPARKLES?!? Even my Girlfriend who is a giant fucking fan is going on a rant about the sparkles.

    As a story I find twilight dull, I found the vampire lore to be poorly thought out, I found the characters irritating or wooden, and in general I found that when it comes to nearly anything in it, every area has been already explored by somebody else and generally better. For the most part it's at best a mediocre book. It's over-publicized, and over-hyped. I imagine it would just be dismissed and get a lot less hate if it didn't get every single double X chromosome wasn't publicly wanking to it. (it's probably only making it worse that the majority of which are teenaged girls.) Though I doubt it.

    So that is a possibility of why guys might have a problem with Twilight or Edward.

    I know seeing as you're a fan, this is likely the stuff you least want to hear. I also imagine I'm about to anger a ton of Twilight fans on here. Soon I'm likely about to see a -10 approval rating or something, and while though I respect you all for having your own opinions I'd at least ask that you can also respect mine and not just vote it down because I just insulted what is likely your favourite books.

    I hope you found this answer enlightening and insightful. Maybe it will give you an idea of how guys think and why they dislike the character or series. You may not agree with it yourself but you may see this as a peer into what guys are thinking when they bash Edward.

    I hope this gave you some answers.

    P.S. - I don't think he's "gay" either.

    • Wow your really funny "massive wet spot". surprisingly nothing you said offended me, and I found that I agree with the sparkling crap.... lol

    • Cool. Thanks. But anyway a lot of girls can get really up in arms when I say all these things about Twilight. They take it a little too seriously sometimes.

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  • Edward does come across as fairly camp to guys, I don't know whether he's got afeminate looks, but there's deffinately something about him a bit girly.

    But then it could also be because a lot of girls just seem to melt for him, apparently he's amazingly gorgeous to most girls? but guys just can't see this and just think "meh he's really not, why are these girls after him so much, he's nothing special, so we'll call him gay"

    • I don't think I'm ever going to look at him the same now..he really does resemble a girl, I wish guys would've told me this before (thanks for shedding me some light)

  • Twilight was not written for the male audience. . . .at all.

    The Twilight movie was rather entertaining though.

    Looking back, there are numerous holes that one could shoot in the plot behind it

    and New Moon,

    But I liked the first movie So I'll just leave it at that.

    The New Moon movie though,

    That looks like it's going to be a trip down the rabbit hole.

  • I haven't read the book, and I haven't seen the movie. I have no idea if I'd enjoy it, but I wouldn't call Edward gay unless he actually was gay. I think that whatever reason is behind the name calling is probably very juvenile.

  • Read all four books. It's unrealistic, corny, and a cash cow for teen girls. The only great characters out of this series is Jacob Black and the patriot vampire in the final book.

  • I personally don't think that Edward is gay, but I think that the books are stupid. Most guys would agree. It seems like the high-school fantasy of a fat chick that accidentally got sent to the publisher.


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