Why do girls get p*ssed when guys look at other girls?

i don't get it...cant girls understand that we will always look at girls that look physically sexy and productive? lol


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  • I think it's a case of not feeling good enough when she sees her man ogling some girl that neither of you know, and an innate fear that she might be replaced... And I guess feeling like she isn't able to hold his attention when other women are around would be a part of it too.

    But not all girls are like that - I'M not like that. My boyfriend doesn't look very often, but when he does, I'm not going to crawl up his butt about it. He loves me for me, not just for how I look, so what's there to worry about? Looks aren't everything in the relationship.

    Plus, as an artist it doesn't bother me if he sees a body he appreciates that isn't mine. As a matter of fact, I sometimes tell him what I think about that girl myself. If she's got nice legs, she's got nice legs. If she has a great butt, then she has a great butt. Nothing wrong with liking someone's anatomy.

  • eh I don't get mad as long as he's not drool like some pig. Looking is a 2 way st. if he can look I sure as hell can too. anyways its ike looking at a menu and not ordering...


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