Small gift (s) for a preppy girl?

there's this girl that wants to do Christmas presents when we come back after break at school, I have a couple weeks. I've asked what her favorite brand is, and she said Vineyard Vines or Lilly Pulitzer. That's fine, but I'm really not trying to spend more than like $30. She even said that those were too expensive, and mentioned nike. I don't/can't shower her with gifts ut I want her to know I can get a cool/cute/fun gift.
I saw online they have iphone cases from Lilly, and she just got a new phone. Good idea? I know from some brands even though they sell it, I wouldn't buy it, so a case from Lilly? Any other ideas are totally welcome!

Oh and if I don't order it, it needs to fit in a suitcase...
Oh we're not dating but I do like her a lot.
I think she likes me too


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  • Those survivor bracelet things.


    Gauges. (Glass or wooden)

  • Starbucks Gift Card.


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