GIRLS ! How to replicate this make up for shoot?

i need to replicate this eye make up for a shoot im doing.
can anyone give me tips etc on replicating this "Big Eye" look?

(the brunette girl with big eyes and smoke)


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  • I'd start off with black, grey, and plum eyeshadow, using a mix of grey and purple near the outside an more purple near the corners of the eye. Then use a black eyeliner and trace it on the bottom of the eye too, remembering to make it thicker on the bottom. I'm guessing that the black on the bottom could be smudged eyeliner and/or black eyeshadow. Once you get closer to the corners of the eye use purple eyeshadow on the bottom and finish it off with white eye pencil on the inner corners. Then use fake eyelashes and mascara and an eyebrow pencil for the eyebrows. I hope this helped, i'm not much of a makeup pro though.

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