Girls: Men's fashion that turns you on... and off?

What types of clothing do you like to see guys wear (specific types of clothing, how it fits, shoes, jackets, accessories, etc). Here's your chance to let us know. Also, feel free to mention things you definitely don't like!


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  • I hate preppy, on men and in women. It just looks so snooty and annoying.
    But I do love a grungier style. So things like distressed shirts. Band tees are good (especially if they're bands I like).
    But just a basic casual guy style is always fine, because I don't expect any guy to be too crazy.
    I'm a huge fan of men's dress shoes, I just think they're super snazzy. I like when guys have a cool pair of sneakers, bit like Jordan's or something but like An urban chic kind if sneaker (sorry this is my inner fashionista coming out). But once again anything you want to wear us fine.
    But the more you look like an individual the better.

    • So would you say it's more important that a guy has a certain style, rather than sporting an expensive brand of clothing?

    • Definetly!!! I think that's why I don't like preppy, because it's way more brand than actually individuality. So as long as your yourself I live it

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • Dark jeans and button down shirt

  • I like a guy in a uniform. Its hot, and i dont like a guy that looks like a slob

  • I love to see a man in jeans and a flannel and ball cap. I hate anything to city slicker like a peacoat or anything like that, but I can appreciate a good fitting suit.


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