Who do you think the most beautiful woman in the world is?

So do you think of most beautiful woman in the world is my beautiful? Please keep your sanctimonious this is a superficial question comments to yourself... Especially guys who are want to be feminists... it's just a silly question. :D


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  • I don't believe there is a "most beautiful woman in the world." Many different women are beautiful in many different ways. I don't think that's something that can be measured and compared. Beauty is subjective anyway, what I think is beautiful, other people may not agree with :)

    • I agree. Honestly, almost everyday I pass a girl in the city that I just think is the most beuatiful girl in the world... And then it hapoens again the neaxt day. And dont get me started about walking the Jersey boardwalks. So many beautiful women in the world, its a good thing. Fortunatley, I married one and never looked back, but I still notice the ladies.

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