Really good push up bras for small boobs?

I'm a cross between a tomboy and punk, so I've always been lost when it comes to fashion, including bras. I usually just use sports bras because I'm small and I never really care much about appearances. I need a good new bra for auditions to help show that I actually have boobs. Advice on extreme push up bras that aren't too expensive and not painful?


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  • Use other methods to make them look bigger. Get a bigger bra, put socks on the outer part and under your boobs to push them together and up.


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  • I recommend Aerie push-up bras, like their Brooke line. Really well-suited for small boobs with flattering cups and more than enough support! 😊

  • Why would you need to show that?
    I for my part prefer small boobs, and I don't get why you'd try to make them look bigger or anything.

    • It's not so much for guys, as much for auditions

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