Question about eyes... how to you underline your eyes on the bottom?

You know with eyeliner? How do you do the bottom of the eye... every time I try it doesn't look right right!


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  • I do it in the lash line. Before every use I disinfectant my liner and then peel down my lower lid to put it on the inner lash line. It looks nice without being over powering.
    Remember to clean before and after each use to ensure that you don't get an infection like pink eye or a stye.


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  • depends on if u like to do it from the inside or outside the lash line. i do whatever, depending on my mood, but they key is not to keep going over it, or to press hard [if ur using a pencil]. just keep it light and as close to the lash line as possible. adding only a little still makes a difference. hold ur skin taut to help u get it right.

    • Would you recommend liquid eyeliner for the bottom or more like a cream?

    • i personally use a dark pencil because liquid just stings like crazy if u happen to stuff up. like, it hurts alot=/ get one of those really smooth pencils i reckon.

  • I can't do the top :/


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