How to do Makeup? Or what looks good?

I have brown eyes and dirty blonde almost brown hair. I want to do something that makes my eyes pop but is not to dark, any advise?


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  • Brown eyes will stand out with these colors: gold, purple, blue, and other browns. I have brown eyes as well, and they are my absolute favorite feature on my face.
    The way I like to play them up is by applying a light brown (almost golden) shadow on my entire lid, and then a darker brown (still very natural) on the outer corners. I put a thin black liquid liner on the top lid, white eyeliner on the inner corners of my eyes (if you skip all other steps, at least do this one because it makes a HUGE difference!!), and then black mascara.
    Another way to play up your eyes is to look at their shape. So if you aren't an eyeshadow girl, and don't want to add any color just: look at your eye shape and the styles of eyeliner that look best on you.
    For example: My eyes are very slightly slanted downward, so I apply a thin dark line on the outside corners only, it gives them a super nice almond shape.
    Hope I helped!! Makeup is kind of my passion (:


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  • I would do a smokey eye look since you want your eyes to pop. What I seen is popular during this time of year is a golden eye shadow on the lid and then little brown in the outer. Add them black eyeliner on the top and bottom and finish with a light pink lip gloss or a red lipstick :)

  • Id say run a black eyeliner on your bottom lashes (not on your waterline) softly. And then just a thin application of liquid eyeliner. Not dramtic, just simple. (: hope you like this! And hope i was helpful (:


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