What should I do with my hair to make it less messy as seen in my profile pic?

I'm in a bet to see who can grow their hair out longer and my hair is getting really bad lol. My profile pic is recently updated and and I can't deal with it any more. Is my hair OK as it is or is their a way to make it less hispstery.


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  • dude they're fine don't listen to anybody.

    and they're not messy at all

    • It looks like the HS swag bag style. I'm 21 and I want to look like a semi professional person.

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    • I don't feel like a kid but I have to keep it until I win this bet.

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  • It's still looking fairly acceptable. You do look as if you will have quite the bush soon though. You could try taming it with some product, gel or wax, but beware using too much crap in your hair is not a good look in itself. If I were you? I'd lose the bet and get it cut how I want.

    • All my guy friends like it and my female friends hate it so I don't know who to believe.

  • Comb it...

  • Get a buzz cut.

    • in other words "the ugliest haircut"

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    • I don't know what to tell you, you've just got rebellious hair. If combing doesn't work then you could...
      - leave it the way it is
      -try gelling it
      -buzz it
      -go to a salon and have relaxer put in it to strengthen it out.

      Those are the only options I can think of.
      Personally getting the buzz cut seams like the easiest tho :/

    • Haha no way I'm winning this bet and I refuse to get a haircut first.

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