The style section of this site

its supposed to be about clothes, right?

so why are people asking questions about their bodies?

don't you think they should make like another section for the body, or something?

then again, everyone's take on what style is, is different. just like every guy and girl is different, not all of us are alike


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  • Hmm ya I body image section would be good...

    to answer your question though...where else should body image questions be? lol

    • Anyone of them really, but maybe behavior would be the best, since its kind of a "behavior" in the sense that people act like they have the worst bodies, when really...they dont

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    • Ya your right it should.... maybe email girlsaskguys and suggest it... they might like it :)

    • Yep

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  • I agree but I can see why some people put body questions here. You put your body in clothes, so maybe they feel it's the closest category. They should make a body image section now that you mention it.

  • I guess they just don't know where else to put it.


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