I want to know what girls like more... cute guys or hunk guys...? please reply

A Questions for all girls.


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    A guy can look cute, but have a "hunk" personality which describes my last boyfriend.

    He was 5' 7'' 117lbs but had such awesome confidence that his sweet baby face made him cute, but his personality made him a many hunk.

    The new guy I'm interested in is the opposite.

    He has a hot manly body and a cute as hell personality..

    I wouldn't want one without the other.. I need both to be attracted to you..

    Meatheads aren't hot..

    Sissy boys aren't hot..

    If your more on the cute side then work on your confidence.

    If your more on the hunk side work on your compassion.

    • Thanx for ur answer... but really I wanna know how much percent girls like cute and Hunk...

      Both is not a answer ... but you gave impressive answer

      I m in cute side...

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    • Girls like me prefer hunk guys.They look more hot.

    • How you will say a hunk is hot and cute is not.. just on the basis of look..?

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