Which wear style you like?

which wear style you like to have, and which one in your opinion seems attractive in the other sex

  • classic style mens clothing
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  • modern style mens clothing
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  • weird style mens clothing
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Most Helpful Girl

  • How about
    Casual: t-shirt and jeans with some tennis shoes
    Nice (for a fancy restaurant or maybe even church): a nice shirt (maybe with a collar) and either dark jeans, black jeans or kackies and maaaybe tennis depending on the outfit and how nice the shoes are
    Formal and dressed up: shirt with a collar and maybe a tie with probably black pants and good black shoes
    I like casual the best. I'm not a fan of guys who wear sweatpants constantly, but it's better than looking like you're ready for a job interview all the time. I mean wearing a sweater vest or a sweater or Sperrys or nice shoes is or whatever all the time. I'd actually take the sweatpants over that. Also, not a fan of "preppy" style either. Which in includes hipsters and "modern"

    • i like t-shirt and jeans with some tennis shoes
      and for meeting , i wear classic clothes, but at home i wear soprts wears, it makes me feel confortable

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    • Thanks :-)

    • you welcome ^_^

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What Girls Said 3

  • Classy is best

  • I like when dudes wear things like:
    -band tee shirts
    -flannel over band tee shirts
    -doc martens
    -general skateboarding shoes
    -straight leg jeans
    -small stretched ears with plugs or tapers or spirals
    -dark wash straight leg jeans

  • i like all 3. weird, depending on how weird it is. modern and classic are both nice too. i think i like modern more though


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