I put very little makeup on but it always looks caked on! Girls, any tips for me?

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I use a little bit of the powder on my face and distribute it pretty evenly, but it looks cakey. I feel like maybe it's how my face is but it just looks bad most of the time. Any tips? PLEASE? :)


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  • It could be a different shade from what you are. Check the undertones of the product. If you have yellow undertones and use red undertones power, sometimes it looks caked on. Also use primer or lotion to soak excess. & bloating paper to remove shine.


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  • For me, if my face isn't moisturized then my foundation looks cakey and gross.

  • It could be possible you're housing either bronzer or a powder Thant's NOT your tone. Good luck also check out your question on YouTube they've helped me a lot too lol