Girl I like from work just broke up with boyfriend, what should I do next?

he might of broke up with her after he found something out as I think she might of cheated on him at this party , well I saw her with this guy from work and they sort of fooled around and made out , but he doesn't even like her and likes another girl anyways so it was kind of stupid as they were both drunk at the time .anyways I just saw on fb an hour ago that her boyfriend was down as being single so there definitely finished .

and I think this girl likes me as she always talks to me at work , added me on Facebook and just gives off this vibe that's she interested , so now that's she's single I'm thinking I might try and make a move on her but not rate away . but also I know she's that kind of girl who knows a lot of guys so I better not wait too long or she'll be taken again .

and what could I do to make sure they don't get back together and what should I say to her when I see her at work tomorrow ?


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  • Confront her with your feelings.