Wearing your crush's clothes?

i have recently been seeing this girl on and off for around 2 months, she liked me before we started seeing each other and initiated the first meet-up, she has told me that she doesn't know what she wants atm and needs to sort some stuff out, so we are currently not seeing each other, however she still wears my hoodie that I left around the house? is this a positive sign, does she still want to remember me?


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  • Maybe...

    but don't get your hopes up...she might just be cold and have nothing else to wear, or she may just like the hoodie...

    Getting your hopes up only sets you up for a collapse...give her time, chill and invite her every so often to do things with a group of common friends..when you think it's time, confront her (you are not a thing that can be switched on or off whenever she desires) and express your feelings..

    this whole time, however, try to have fun with other people, and don't close your alternatives to other girls (when you're after someone who is not meant to be, you are pushing all other possibilities out the window..)..

    A good excuse to talk to her is to get your hoodie back...