Have you ever heard of "business cocktail" attire?

I have a business dinner party in a week and that's the attire. I'm guessing they mean no sleeveless and above the knee dresses, but since it's cocktail, not exactly a suit either?
Does anyone have any nice examples?

This is a business event and all of our clients will be there, so it's still work and not a wedding reception or something like that. And it's Winter here.
Any good advice or ideas are appreciated! Thanks!


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  • No, I don't believe I have. Or maybe I did, but that was when I took my employment whatever course in college.

  • I would wear a mid length dress, with some low heels or flats.

  • it's a "business casual" thing.

    • There's a business casual as well, but I think this is more between party and work?
      Business casual is for everyday office work.

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