Does dark dye over bleached hair fade?

I had heavy bleach highlights and I got a lot of lowlights. I hate the lowlights. They look muddy. I washed my hair a few times and it seems the lowlights are starting to fade. Will they go away?


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  • It will fade as the bleach made the hair shaft porous meaning it cannot keep hold of all the new colour.

    • So it will keep washing out?

    • It won't wash out completely but a fair amount will and the hair shaft is porous so lets more colour out than it would have done had you not coloured it. I had lowlights put in my bleached hair and by the time it was due to be highlighted again the lowlights were much lighter almost back to blonde.

      Hope that helps.

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  • not if you use perminant dye, avoid washing your hair as much as possible and use color safe shampoo

  • yeah im pretty sure they fade easier over bleached hair. they'll fade regardless, but it might be a little easier since your hair was lighter.


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