What looks are girls looking for in guys?

I'm a teen guy and trying to look a better. I skateboard and I'm a hipster kind of... But I'm just trying to get some girl out there to like me.


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  • Something strong and dependable, women like to feel safe a secure.. They also find it hot when a guy is aggressive to society with confidence
    Thus why bad boys and etc get better attraction ratings from women

    • its partially this.
      its wanting a guy who will respect, protect, and provide.
      refer back to my documentary.

      being a "bad boy" is fine, but dont dismiss the female you want to seduce. if you do, she will more likely want to bash your face in and proclaim that she is in fact more dominant than you.

    • This is true, I'm sorry I forgot to mention that, when I stare bad boy Is a image, no man should ever miss treat a women

    • ( off topic, but, this ties in to why we dont need feminism; women are very protected with the biological mindset of collective society, e. g. in a sinking ship, women and children get the lifeboats first )

  • The fact that you're a skater makes you pretty hot already. Bushy/messy hair makes guys look attractive. Also, you can never go wrong with black. Skinny pants are a turn off!


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