Which of these garnet necklaces is a better buy and looks better (also helpful if you know stuff about jewelry)?

I'm having a hard time choosing between two garnet necklaces to buy for my girlfriend for her birthday She is a pretty small Asian girl and I don't want any gemstone necklace that is too large and over dramatic or draws too much attention to itself yet at the same time I don't want anything small that is hardly noticeable. Tell me which of these two options you think is overall better, as well as which is a better deal and which has a cooler style and also which you think would look better on my gf? lol

A) www.amazon.com/.../ref=pd_d0_nib_cwb__13

B) www.amazon.com/.../ref=pd_sbs_jw_33
  • option A the first link
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  • option B the second link
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  • I like B better.
    I personally like it when jewellery is symmetrical so that might be influencing my choice. But I think the cut of the garnet looks better in B, even though their specifications are the same. Also, I personally dislike checkerboard cuts, which automatically rules out A for me. B looks like it would go with a lot of outfits, and just generally looks quite classic and pretty.
    In terms of clarity and colour, A is ever so slightly better. But to anybody but a jeweller or connoisseur, I don't think it really makes much of a difference.


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  • The first link lioks more dainty and feminie in my opinion, and it's gonna look nicer on her than B.

    She'll love it :-)

    Anyway, is ruby her birthstone?

    If you're not sure, search up birthstones and look for the birthstone that falls on her birth date.

    A guy got me turquoise earrings when my actual birthstone is sapphire.-. it was special but then i ended up giving it to my mom.

  • The oval shaped one is more elegant, more classic. I prefer that one.

  • I like the first one the best, personally.


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