Would you try and make eye contact because you like what you see?

I was just wondering for girls who make eye contact numerous times with a guy in two kinds of situation 1)in a night club and 2)at university (e.g. in class or outside classrooms). Would you try and make eye contact because you like what you see? Also, what would like to expect in return for making eye contact with him? Like a smile? or come up and say hi etc.

I often catch girls taking glances at me (some tend to hold their gaze at me sometimes) and I try to ignore it or look behind me to see if she was just looking at someone behind me, or sometimes I think they're just looking at my friends. However, a lot of the time I think they were looking at me but since I have confidence issues I try not to believe it and just ignore them... so I wish to change this and hope someone could give me a bit of insight into this. I ignore these signs so badly that once a girl had to tell me she liked me to my face...


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  • I make eye contact when I'm talking to people face to face though (sometimes). But a lot of times I do make eye contact to be flirtatious. And don't look away or ignore them all the time because that's kinda rude, well more like your rejecting them because she might be looking at you because she likes you. Oh, if a girl is making eye contact with you and your not talking, check her facial expressions because it could mean she is looking at you in a good way or a bad way. Personally, if I make eye contact with a guy I liked, I would rather get a smile back instead of the guy looking away lol.

    • Well, yea I sort of need to work on the confidence issue a bit cause I've been told I'm cute, good looking, been hit on several times by girls who got so impatient with me cause of me turning a blind eye due to me not believing it. By facial expressions do you mean whether she's smiling? Also when I'm talking to her is there something I can do to sort of get her to show more definite signs of attraction? Just to make sure she is interested in me.

    • Yea....facial expressions as in smiling, having a little grin or something like that. And your second question, maybe you should talk about something kinda like relationship wise or just start a conversation with her and one thing you really need to notice is if she looks away when you are talking and another thing is body language.

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