How do I get this girl to like me?

Okay so their are these twins in my school both really stunning and beautiful blonds but they are both really shy and only go out with really smart guys I think only one of them have had a a boyfriend. but since their so pretty and shy no guys talk to them because every time I try and talk to one of them its just a "hey" and then they turn around but I've decided this year I'm going to try and talk to them as much as I can. the reason I think they don't like me is because I'm not to smart in school I'm funny and on a scale 1-10 I rate my self 6-8? but I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how to get them to open up and talk to guys or me, and just have a regular conversation. and maybe how I could get her number. thanks to anyone who helps


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  • Girls love funny. If you are naturally funny be naturally funny near them or to them. That will break the ice. Making a girl laugh is usually one of the biggest attractions. Use what you've got.


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