Anyone have any good formal styles for curly hair?

i have very thick, brown curly hair, a little past my shoulders, and am going to the formal Homecoming dance next week. I do not want to wear my hair down, and I do not want to straighten it.

Any ideas on what would look pretty but also work for thick thick thick curly hair? (pictures would be awesome =] )


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  • I have the same exact hair that you do, so I understand your problem. =) Maybe something like this? Of course it won't be exactly the same. - link

    Or maybe a half up- half down thing (not exactly down ^^) like this link

    Maybe even something like this link

    Sadly, for people with hair like ours' there isn't too much we can do, but hey! At least we never need to use a curling iron right? =D

  • err how I had my hair for prom. I had the top taken into 2 french plaits then I left a thinner bottom section down and left it curled it thinned my hair out and it was half up and half down. I then just neatened my curls up so they did not fly away. I have pics if you are interested.