HairStyle that Women Like?

What hairstyle do women prefer in men?
If you give a specific hairstyle, could you please provide a link to a picture. Thanks.


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  • It all depends on the girl. Some girls like only short hair on guys while others like it long. It also depends on you as well. Just because she likes the cut doesn't mean that you have to like.
    One of my best friends had hair long enough to flip to the side and he liked it a lot, but the new girl in his life didn't. She persuaded him to shave his head and he did it. I can tell that he doesn't like it because he told me and by the look on his face when he saw it being shaved.
    Keep it the way it is. Change it when you are ready. Not because a girl tells you to.

    • A clean looking cut is always great.
      A short cut is a good option to choose. It takes less time to care for than with longer hair.

    • I envy your friend. I would like to have a girl persuading me to get my head shaved and would let her shaving it if she did it.

      In the other hand I wouldn't get an extravagant haircut even if a girl wanted to.

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