Girls: need some clothing advice?

Ok so i'm in need of some clothing advice, i've discovered that i prefer to dress in smarter stuff generally (like a nice set of jeans, and a plain coloured shirt) however i can't wear those things for the rest of my life, will get boring

So girls could use some advice on clothing that would fall under the smart casual category that you think i would like, of course i know it's extremely hard to judge with out trying it on etc.

Just for note i've had quite a few people comment saying i look very dapper in a suit and that i suit wearing shirts very well (long sleeved shirts that is)

Whenever i wear a shirt i try to have either a black or white t-shirt underneath as they tend to go with most colours, but if i could get some patterned shirts that would be great

An example of the kind of shirt i mean:

It would be un-buttoned so you could see the t-shirt underneath


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