Best false lashes to wear?

Everytime I buy new falsies (strips) I take hours putting them on (since I can't get them on my lashes) then they become no longer sticky and fall right off, is glue better than the strips? And which eyelash brands are the best? I have trouble picking them out and always end up with the really long lashes


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  • It just sounds like you aren really bad at putting false lashes on for me it only takes like 7 to 10 minutes so maybe you just shouldn't wear false lashes

  • You can get eyelash extensions. They are very tastefully done and if done right you won't need mascara. They last approx 2 weeks. :)

    • getting mine done tomorrow (: so excited!!!

    • Awesome! Be gentle when washing your face as you could pull them out. I love them, easy and quick!

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