Cute. Beautiful. Hot. What's the difference?

I was recently talking to a group of my guy friends about the difference between a 'cute' girl versus a hot girl or a gorgeous girl. What is the difference? - So many different adjectives associated with attraction. I don't get it. Any thoughts?


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  • Cute Beautiful/ gorgeous and hot are all relative to the "standard" for attractiveness.

    Lets call the standard "Hot", Hot is a play boy bunny. A Hot girl generally looks something like a girl you would see on the cover of a Victoria's secret catalog. Strictly speaking a hot girl is a girl that sexually attracts a male and when I say sexually I mean sexually. Guys generally want to have sex with hot girls (as opposed to romantic dinners).

    Cute is a little different. Cute means good looking but not necessarily conforming to the standard for sexual attraction. A Cute girl is a girl that isn't Hot but is still attractive. Cute means that she's attractive TO THAT SPECIFIC MALE as opposed to attractive to the collective as a hot girl would. A cute girl attracts a guy by her face rather than her body.

    Beautiful/ Gorgeous is a little different. Beautiful is generally talking about a womans looks. Its something you would say to your wife. Beautiful doesn't have any sexual connotations to it (like hot) its strictly speaking about a womans good looks. ITs also more formal.

    To put if VERY simply:

    You want to have sex with a hot girl.

    You want to hang out/ go out with a cute girl

    You want to date a Beautiful Woman.

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    • I thought of another way to explain it:

      Reese Witherspoon = cute

      Paris Hilton = sexy (haha, that is the best example I could think of even tho she is pretty ugly to me)

      Jessica Alba = beautiful woman

    • Thats about right.

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  • Cute girl = the girl next door cute. Hot girl = pin up girl. Gorgeous = smart and attractive at the same time.

  • Ok I like what I saw with responses so far but there are still a couple things left out. The fact that a guy may say out loud a girl is hot is a true testament of that guy! THAT GUY! Not the girl, see the male is more like a shotgun blast, We have a typically large range of what we see as attractive. So what one guy says is "HOT" is only "Yea Id do her" to another guy. I typically like to sleep with "cute girls" because they don't hurt me. I like to date "smoking hot girls" because they look good next to me in public. Lastly If I EVER get married I would only consider a Gorgeous women, NEVER SETTLE

  • I rarely use hot or gorgeous. I think it's one of those words that is used all the time like LOVE. A cute girl is a girl that is attractive. A hot or gorgeous girl is one that is very rare and model material. But that's just the way I look at it.


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  • My boyfriend has called me all of the above and in no particular order. They're just words and they depend on the guy and how he defines it. Like if we say a guy is hot, he's eye candy. If he's cute, he's good looking with an awesome personality. If he's adorable, he makes your heart melt. And other girls may have different standards, it's just an example.

  • Cute: A female who is attractive in a way that is child-like.

    Hot: A female that exudes sex appeal.

    Gorgeous: A female that is has a very attractive face.

  • It totally depends on the guy. If it is your boyfriend and he loves you he'll probably tell you he thinks your beautiful. If he is a guy talking to a guy he'll be like "dang that girl is HOTT! "

    does that help any?

    • Sorry, but I have to disagree. I guarantee you that if we made a poll on this, most if not all guys would say that they would prefer a cute girl over a hot or gorgeous girl.

    • Please initiate the poll. I agree with you somewhat.

  • Cute girl can be like your little sister

    a hot girl is like a super slut

    like jorgeee :]

    he loves going out with gorgeous girls

    not cute ones

    or you can be hot but not a super slut

    just very promiscuous

  • Does it matter? If we described as one or all of those then that's a darn good ting.

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