My gf wears make up, I tell her she's beautiful but she's insecure how can I help her?

I've seen photos of her without makeup and she is stunning I've never met such a beautiful girl in my life but she feels insecure about not wearing make up even around me, how can I make her feel better about herself? I love her so much and want her to feel happy and secure about herself :) thanks guys


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  • If she wearss a lot of makeup tell her to reduce it and go for powedered conceler and some lipgloss. Anyway is it ok if you give your opinion on my question? Thanks and tell her she's beautiful and other people don't matter

    • Thanks :) and What's your question?

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    • oh god i just realised :3 you're name isn't opinion owner its because yours the opinion owner XD if its the one about hot or bot I've already done it :)

    • Hahah its okay and i saw it but i just don't understand guys especially him cause we held hands once he offered to help me while we were on a cliff and he checked me out but i think i was getting wrong signals

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  • Just keep telling her that she's beautiful with or without makeup. Otherwise there's not much you can do, you can't force her. Insecurities don't really work like that. Confidence usually has to come from within.

  • Does she wear a lot of make up?

    • Not really no

    • It's normal she just wants to look pretty even you think she is natural beautiful.
      Girls get used to make up and so they feel "naked" when they take it off.
      Just give her time and show her how much you care about her. Don't force her because she will feel uncomfortable. :)

    • Aww ok thank you :)

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