What have you found is the best way to thicken fine hair?

I have really fine hair and it's really bad over the crown area. Can anyone recommend anything that will help?


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  • You should use natural shampoos and conditioners that contain biotin or aloavera. Biotin is a good vitamin that that thickins hair on the scalp.
    A list of vitamins and herbs I recommend:

    • Saw palmetto 1500mg a day
    • Ashwaganda 500mg a day
    • Pumkin seed oil 1tsp a day
    • Vitamin B5
    • B - compex
    • Biotin
    • fish oil
    Omega 3 fatty acid foods that can help
    • almonds
    • avocado
    • olive oil
    • wild caught salmon
    • grass fed beef
    • chea seeds
    • flac seeds
    • coconut milk

    Shampoos and conditioners I recommend:
    • ogx ( organix )
    • nexus
    • tail and main ( the one with the two horses)
    PS don't buy the cheap vitamins because you get what you pay for one brand that surely helps is garden of life
    I hope this will solve your hair troubles

    • Thanks, that's super helpful I'll give it a shot.

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  • Coat it in tar.


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  • You can improve the condition of your hair by using various types of oils like avocado, olive, argan or grape seed oil. I use a product named Mythic Oil. You can also try taking biotin & omega 3 supplements. Good luck.

    • Thanks, I'll look into it.

  • You can't thicken it if you have naturally fine hair. If you want it to appear you have thicker hair, ask for layers the next time you get it cut.

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