What is a sexy way to dress? Help

Hey, just wondering what kind of clothes you guys think are sexy buy not overly slutty. Like if you were at school and you saw a girl wearing _______ you would be totally turned on. (:


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  • tight jeans and a shirt.. if ur hot ur hot cloths don't make guys go wow... look at her

    • Do you mean if she is NOT hot her hot cloths don't make guys go wow ?!!.......

    • Basically he means...if you don't got it...dont flaunt it

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  • you too young for that answer! honestly tho develop your own style, which means you radiate confidence. it ain't about skin its about confidence and what you don't show. find your own style and you'll the right guys and a few of the wrong ones will find you.

  • Schools are pretty conservative with what they let you wear. You can't even show your belly button on campus. :/ anyways, short shorts or short skirts are always good, and I also really like tanktops. then again, I live in southern California so I don't know if these suggestions will work for you. if you're in a colder environment I would say wear some tight jeans, but I'm not sure about a shirt.


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  • i don't think you really want to walk around giving guys boners because of how your dressed. in fact, I don't think it's really possible.

    • LOL, I guess I worded that wrong. I don't mean sexually , I mean like they'd be like wow and interested

    • Dressing slutty, will def. give us boners....it makes us think of sex when you do that...so yeah, I don't think its really a good idea in school, makes us wind up to walk like "retards"

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